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Democrat NC Senator Compares GOP Policies with Boston Bombing

April 27, 2013

Submitted without further comment, NC Senator Angela Bryant compares the Republican agenda to the Boston Bombing:   Bryant has since deleted the tweet above and issued a typical, political non-apology. To be clear, no comparison between Boston tragedy and NCGA; #ncga #NCGOP @nashncgop #NCPOL #ncgov @newsobserver — Angela R. Bryant (@angelareb) April 25, 2013 However […]

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NC House Bill 101 Aims to End the Death Tax

March 31, 2013

Death shouldn’t be a taxable event. At least, that’s the consensus of the 23 Republican House members who have signed on as co-sponsors to House Bill 101 which would repeal North Carolina’s “death tax.” The companion bill in the Senate boasts 29 co-sponsors, a majority of the Senate. Americans for Prosperity is actively supporting the […]

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Senate to Vote Wednesday on Charlotte Airport Takeover

March 2, 2013
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The NC Senate will vote Wednesday on a controversial bill that would strip Charlotte of control over its airport.  The bill, sponsored by Republican Senators Bob Rucho, Tom Apodaca, and David Curtis, would create a new bureaucracy called the Charlotte Regional Airport Authority which would seize control of the facility from the city. A companion bill in […]

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Kay Hagan Tweets Support for Keystone XL Pipeline

February 26, 2013

I joined my colleagues in a writing bipartisan letter to Sec Kerry today urging swift approval of #Keystone pipeline — Senator Kay Hagan (@SenatorHagan) February 26, 2013 The #Keystone XL pipeline will supply energy from our closest friend & partner, and it will create jobs in the US — Senator Kay Hagan (@SenatorHagan) February […]

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DeMint Leaving Senate to take Helm at Heritage Foundation

December 6, 2012

As announced on the Heritage Foundation blog, Jim DeMint (R-SC) will leave the Senate to succeed Ed Feulner as the next President of the Heritage Foundation: Heritage’s Board of Trustees unanimously chose DeMint as the organization’s next leader, starting April 3. DeMint will resign from the Senate and start as president-elect in early January, so […]

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Is North Carolina a Centenarian’s Paradise?

October 22, 2012
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According to data compiled by the Civitas Institute from the NC State Board of Elections’ daily report, North Carolina is a centenarian paradise. As of today, more than 1,000 centenarians have voted in the 2012 elections, and of those ballots, 73.9% have been cast at one-stop voting facilities. Of the remainder, 25.9% cast absentee ballots […]

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Elaine Marshall: Profits Are The Problem

October 5, 2012
Elaine Marshall

In 2010, North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall ran against Richard Burr for the US Senate. She lost. But during that campaign, she appeared on WBT with a friendly guest host to rail against the health insurance industry’s “obscene profits.” I was driving home, listening as she railed against the industry, when I decided […]

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Where is Rep. Larry Kissell?

September 4, 2012
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Is Larry Kissell ashamed of being a Democrat. The party’s convention is being held a mere 10 miles from his congressional district, and just 19.2 miles from one of Kissell’s North Carolina offices, but he won’t be attending. Via the Stanley News and Press: “Congressman Kissell plans to be working representing the people of his […]

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Deafening Silence from Media on Ron Virmani

August 10, 2012

If a republican had referred to the unborn children he aborted for a living as “ugly black babies” it would have been front page news. The Justice Brothers, Sharpton and Jackson, would be protesting on his lawn, megaphones in hand. But when the abortionist is a Democrat, there is only deafening silence. To the mainstream […]

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Charlotte Abortionist: “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies”

August 8, 2012

Via Charlotte abortionist Ashutosh Ron Virmani was caught on camera telling pro-lifers to “adopt one of those ugly black babies.” Virmani’s comments came as he was speaking with pro-life activists from Operation Save America who confronted Virmani on his doorstep on July 26, 2012. The abortionist’s comments have riled black pro-life activists. Day Gardner, […]

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