Why Iowa is a MUST WIN for Cruz

by Stephen Bennett on January 31, 2016

A win gives Cruz momentum (he sorely needs it as evidenced by the numbers below) and keeps him standing. A loss is catastrophic and it’s likely all over for him by Mid March. I don’t see where it hurts Trump much if he does not win. It’s all on the line for Cruz. SEE THE NUMBERS BELOW…

Latest (1/15-1/27) National Presidential Polls Rolling Average: TRUMP +16.2

Now here are the current leaders in each state’s most recent polls through the March 15 Primaries…NOTE: all numbers taken from the latest published polls listed at Real Clear Politics.

New Hampshire Primary (February 9): TRUMP +18.2

South Carolina Primary (February 20): TRUMP +16.3

Nevada Primary (February 23): TRUMP +13

1) Alabama Primary: TRUMP +21
2) Alaska Primary: TRUMP +4
3) Arkansas Primary: HUCKABEE +31
4) Colorado Primary: CARSON +6
5) Georgia Primary: TRUMP +15.6
6) Massachusetts Primary: TRUMP +25
7) Minnesota Primary: RUBIO +2
8) Oklahoma Primary: TRUMP +1.5
9) Tennessee Primary: TRUMP +4
10) Texas Primary: CRUZ +2.4
11) Vermont Primary: No Poll
12) Virginia Primary: Carson +5

NOTE: The Latest Polls on the March 5 Primaries are several months old…
Kansas Primary (March 5): BUSH +1
Kentucky Primary (March 5): PAUL +6
Louisiana Primary (March 5): CARSON +4
Maine Primary (March 5): CHRISTIE +13

Michigan Primary (March 8): TRUMP +3
Mississippi Primary (March 8): HUCKABEE +9

The NORTH CAROLINA Primary on March 15: TRUMP +13
Florida Primary (March 15): TRUMP +21

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