41 Reasons to Oppose Amnesty

by Stephen Bennett on June 26, 2013



  1. Illegals already costing us over $110B per yr. They will never ever pay more into economy than they remove.
  2. Welfare massive blow up, crushing national debt, $6.3T cost.
  3. Removes the current ‘public charge law’ therefore any alien can go on welfare.
  4. Increases number of guest workers by 50%, doubles number of H1B (skilled) workers.
  5. Doubles legal immigration within a decade after enactment—and triples it if you include the 12 million amnestied illegal aliens.
  6. Business gets $5K incentive per employee to hire former illegals in preference to citizens or legal immigrants.
  7. Border Security implementation is left up to the whims and discretion of DHS Secretary Napolitano.
  8. DHS Secretary Napolitano can stop deportations and waive requirements of amnesty recipients. Does not end abuse of prosecutorial discretion or administrative amnesty by the Obama administration.
  9. Doesn’t require the deportation of any illegal alien. Even if an illegal’s amnesty status were denied.
  10. Wussy factor. Prohibits ICE enforcement in “sensitive locations”.
  11. Taxpayer funded lawyers for illegals to fix any problems to get legalized.
  12. Stimulus program and job security for immigration attorneys.
  13. Stimulus program for LaRaza-MALDEF-SEIU-ACORN activist groups to guide illegals through the amnesty process.
  14. Even the 9/11 Saudi terrorists would have received amnesty regardless of visa overstay. Thank Corker-Hoeven.
  15. Criminals accepted. Obama-Napolitano will find a way to get them in.
  16. Makes a mockery of rule of law & our national sovereignty, illustrates we have no will of enforcement.
  17. Illegals legalized right away, border security maybe-someday-maybe not.
  18. Americans pushed out of jobs, those still working face reduced wages.
  19. Lip service to E-Verify employment verification. Weak on implementation to appease big business and illegal workers. Even voids state and local E-Verify laws.
  20. Encourages even more illegal immigration.
  21. Chain migration…massive chain migration.
  22. Pork – cheap fishery workers for Alaska.
  23. Pork – stimulus program for Las Vegas casinos and tourism.
  24. Pork – cheap workers for Big Biz, Agri Biz, Big Labor, Big Tech.
  25. Pork – Obama mobiles.
  26. Pork – Marco phones.
  27. Guaranteed low info liberal voting block for Democrats, permanent one party Fed Gov.
  28. National ID card, it’s coming.
  29. Big Bro creation of massive national biometric database of virtually every adult in U.S. administered by DHS.
  30. Affirmative Action for (former) illegal aliens. Stimulus program for grievance industry.
  31. More  bureaucracy, the new Office of Legal Access Programs, to provide illegal aliens with “legal orientation programs” that help fight deportation.
  32. More bureaucracy, new Bureau of Immigration and Labor Market Research via fees imposed on business.
  33. More bureaucracy, new Citizenship Foundation run by community organizers to prepare illegals for citizenship.
  34. More bureaucracy, expansion of Fed Depts to process 11-12-15-20-30 M who knows how many illegals?
  35. Expands the troubled/abused Asylum Refugee System. More Boston Bombers, Somalis, Islamists/Sharia…
  36. Fraud. Massive fraud in 1986 amnesty process, expect even more with this one. Manufactured claims.
  37. It’s Obama-Schumer-Durbin-Mendenez-Bennet-Rubio-McCain-Graham-Flake’s idea.
  38. Supported by Big Gov-Big Biz-Big Labor-Big Religion-Big Globalists-Soros-Reid-Pelosi-Rove-Jeb/GW Bush-Norquist…
  39. Creates national pandering contest between the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. Who can out pander who?
  40. Will never have to leave home to visit the Third World. Priceless? Nope!
  41. Gives Obama the final piece he needs to Fundamentally Transform America.


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