GOP Commits Suicide; Endorses Reconquista

by Stephen Bennett on March 25, 2013

GOP Commits Suicide; Endorses Reconquista

– Stephen Bennett

The coffin is prepared. All that’s left is to drive in the nails. Their game of Russian roulette is now being played fully loaded. The death panel is assembled. We’ve known Democrats generally distain the Constitution. We now know that the Republican Party, who professes to be the guardians of the Constitution find Article IV Section 4 a real inconvenience. The GOP’s young guns have linked with the old guard. First, Rubio caved. The statements he made against amnesty during his campaign lasted just long enough to get elected. Feeling left out, Rand Paul followed suit. The RNC has made amnesty their get out the vote woo to Hispanics. Gee, that’s weird. Just a scant six months ago the Republican Party Platform adopted at the convention in Tampa stated “In this country, the rule of law guarantees equal treatment to every individual, including more than one million immigrants to whom we grant permanent residence every year. That is why we oppose any form of amnesty for those who, by intentionally violating the law, disadvantage those who have obeyed it. Granting amnesty only rewards and encourages more law breaking.” Is that one of those that was then this is now things? This may be the biggest flip flop in the history of political parties. How many of you elected your Representative and Senators to grant amnesty for millions of illegal aliens? How many of you now support a so called conservative party that is now supporting amnesty leading to citizenship for illegals? Just wondering.

I thought that Republicans were committed to finding work for the 23 million unemployed Americans. Shouldn’t that be the laser focus of the Republican Party? Guess not. Instead, the GOP has decided that amnesty is just too important and is the political strategy to win the ever increasing Hispanic vote. As distasteful as amnesty is to the majority of Americans and most all conservatives, the GOP must have sound reasons for taking this approach. So let’s look at a bit of Presidential election history. In 1984, Reagan received 37% of the Hispanic vote. In 1986, he signed into law the IRCA amnesty. An absolute stroke of genius to pump up that Hispanic vote for the next Republican running for President, right? Uhh, not so much. Reagan’s VP George H.W. Bush running for President in 1988 received only 30% Hispanic support. Ahh, but surely they would support him the next chance they got, right? Again, not so much. In 1992, Bush received 25% of the Hispanic vote. But that was then and things are different now. Yep, they sure are. Long time amnesty champ of the GOP, John McCain was rejected by 67% of Hispanic voters in 2008. How’s amnesty working out for ‘ya, Republicans? What this shows is that Hispanics align with the Democrat Party and not even a pro-amnesty Republican is going to change that. In 2012, Romney, who tacked to the right on illegal immigration over McCain was rejected by 71% of Hispanic voters. McCain as President would have signed an amnesty bill. Romney maybe would have not though I wouldn’t take that to the bank. The lesson learned here? For maybe gaining 4% of the Hispanic vote at most the Republican Party is going to capitulate to amnesty.  Three million registered Republican voters sat out the 2012 election ostensibly because they didn’t care much for Romney. How many more will sit out the next election if Republicans help pass amnesty?  Yeah, that’s a sure fired way to energize the base. By supporting amnesty Republicans are essentially saying to hell with conservatives we don’t need you.

Statistics indicate the majority of Hispanic children are born out of wedlock. The family unit is mom and the kids. And we know how well Democrats do with the single woman vote. Big Government provides free family health care, free education, free school food, welfare checks, subsidized housing and food stamps. Polling data indicate Hispanics support Obamacare, a more generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and higher taxes on the wealthy. Do Republicans really think they can win the Hispanic vote by promoting ideas of reducing the size of government, cutting entitlements, reforming the welfare state, supporting the rule of law (except in the case of amnesty) and chortling family values? Amnesty may get Republicans a few percentage points of Hispanic votes but they need to understand that Hispanics are not conservatives in waiting.

Illegal immigrants are in violation of our immigration laws. Therefore our immigration laws should be enforced. Attrition through enforcement coupled with deportation as necessary and a secure border solves the problem. Think of it this way, if we enforced our immigration laws we wouldn’t have to reform anything. Instead, we’ve been following the Cloward-Piven strategy of the Alinsky path to socialism for decades. Ted Kennedy ushered in the Immigration Act of 1965 which changed our immigration system into one that favored the importation of poverty from third world countries, mainly Latin America.  That, coupled with the non enforcement of our laws against illegal immigration particularly since the 1986 amnesty leads us to where we are today.  An overwhelmed system on the verge of crashing to which amnesty will add trillions of dollars to our national debt.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants and a legal immigration system not tied to national need that doesn’t factor in economics are not the answers. They only accelerate the problem we already have. We’ve gone from Ronald Reagan confiding to his Attorney General Ed Meese that signing the 1986 amnesty bill was the greatest mistake of his presidency to George W. Bush stating not achieving another amnesty was one of his biggest disappointments to Barack Obama who sees himself as the great emancipator of illegal aliens. Supporting amnesty will not grow the Republican Party nor will it be the start of a new dawn in America. Instead it will be our death knell as it will usher in the Progressive dream of fundamentally transforming America into reality.

Our nation as a Republic is being purposely destroyed. We’ve known that has been the Democrat’s intent all along. Now, Republicans have linked arms with them. Viva la Reconquista! Welcome to the United States of Atzlan, the greatest third world nation the world has ever known. That is, if We The People allow it.


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  • jon

    The republican party is dead if they support amnesty, that is how i see it. 79% of 30 million illegal Hispanics support Obama and the democratic party. The odd thing is Mexicans are more conservative then republicans are and their love for Jesús Christo is ever obvious. Obama and almost all demarcates hate Jesus and all values associated to Jesús Christo. So guess what Latinos!; you will be destroyed as soon as your usefulness is at an end, but first you have to help Obama destroy us the indigenous population.

    • Henrik

      “30 million illegal Hispanics”

      Discussion and argumentation must be easy when you can make up your own numbers without being constricted by reality.

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