Kay Hagan Tweets Support for Keystone XL Pipeline

by Erik Soderstrom on February 26, 2013

Kay Hagan has an election coming up, so I’m not surprised she’s voicing her support for Keystone XL. She needs something to file “Pro” column when the election season rolls around. It will be interesting to see how she handles this issue going forward. Like Obama, she’s caught between an anti-energy base that wants the pipeline shutdown, and average Americans dealing with skyrocketing energy prices.

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  • David Whitson

    Being against this abysmal project, which, if passed,will transport oil sand sludge across the Oglala aquifer and across America – tar sands oil which is polluting in the extraction, transport, refining, and further transport to China, where it will be burned with little environmental protection, thus increasing global pollution and CO2 levels – is not being “anti-energy”. What base cant ! Renewables are also energy. Your disingenuous embrace of the massive fraud which is this filthy project is pathetic. If this pipeline for sending this sludge on its way to China were any good, the Canadians would ship it West, refine it there, and ship it to China. Canada doesn’t want it, but if it is built, the Kochs and other land owners and oil corporations will profit, at the expense of the environment and peoples’ health. The First Nations’ tribal members have pledged to lay down their lives in order to stop this project for good reason. When we have finished destroying this planet, where do you propose that we go ?

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