Elaine Marshall: Profits Are The Problem

by Erik Soderstrom on October 5, 2012

Elaine Marshall

In 2010, North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall ran against Richard Burr for the US Senate. She lost. But during that campaign, she appeared on WBT with a friendly guest host to rail against the health insurance industry’s “obscene profits.” I was driving home, listening as she railed against the industry, when I decided to do something I hadn’t done before. I called in. I had just one simple question for the Secretary, do you know “what the profit margin of most insurance companies is?” She had no idea. As I wrote at the time on my personal blog:

US Senatorial Candidate Elaine Marshall attacked the profit margins of health insurance companies last night on News/Talk 1110 WBT’s Pete Kaliner Show. There’s only one problem: she didn’t actually know what the profit margin was. If you’re wondering, insurance industry profits were at 2.2% last year. Not only is that far lower than many other industries, it’s less than last year’s Congressional raises. It looks like someone is merely reciting the Liberal crib sheet without bothering to learn the facts.

Given her flagrant disregard for facts in favor of leftist demagoguery, it’s no surprise Elaine is also a fan of Occupy Wall Street. She has since tried to walk back her affiliation with the group, claiming she speaks with many groups, but that’s not how she felt at the time. She boasted about her appearance at Occupy Raleigh on her official Twitter account and posted video of the appearance on the left-wing blog the Daily Kos:

Elaine Marshall is up for reelection this year. Support Ed Goodwin, and knock this left-wing agitator out of office.

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