Dalton Makes The Case For McCrory

by Lady Liberty on September 22, 2012

“Scott Walker is his hero and state employees are his target,” Dalton told a state AFL-CIO convention meeting at the North Raleigh Hilton Thursday morning. “If you elect my opponent, you will have Scott Walker in North Carolina for four years.” – Source News and Observer

The difference between a Democrat and a Republican on budgeting cannot be made more clear than the above comment by Lt. Governor Walter Dalton. This was supposed to be a stinging indictment of Pat McCrory but it would appear it’s turned into a self-inflicted wound for Dalton.

Patrick Gleason of Americans for Tax Reform has this op-ed over at National Review:

As we hit the home stretch in the North Carolina governor’s race — one of the most hotly contested gubernatorial races in the country this year — Democratic nominee Walter Dalton is going into desperation mode and getting sloppy with his remarks in the process.

Earlier this week Americans for Tax Reform noted how Dalton unintentionally complimented his opponent, former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory, by comparing him to Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. In the same speech where Dalton made those remarks last week, the Democratic nominee also criticized Pat McCrory for saying nice things about Tennessee’s lack of an income tax. Here again, it is pretty telling that Dalton disapproves of Tennessee’s tax system. Though I’m a native North Carolinian, allow me to volunteer a defense of Tennessee’s tax code, starting with the facts.

As the chart below shows, Tennessee, thanks in large part to superior fiscal policy, has outperformed North Carolina in nearly every major metric of economic competitiveness and performance during North Carolina’s Democratic Perdue-Dalton administration:



Please read the whole thing. Well worth your time.



9/17 -North Carolina Governor: McCrory (R) 51%, Dalton (D) 38%

9/14 – North Carolina: Romney 51%, Obama 45%


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